Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Real Talk

When I started this blog, I had a few ideas of what I wanted it to be, but one thing that I wanted it to be was REAL. People are great at pretending,refusing to deal with reality that surrounds them, hiding behind masks to present to others a beautiful cover that they would always wanna keep unwrapped. Sometimes we even hide behind things theological, hoping to show people a fake front so they would think better of you when in reality you know you are a mess, There's alot to say about being real. "Hearts and Pens" is all about expressing whats on your heart and putting it on paper. I wanna be real with you and tackle life from a realistic perspective.

I know its been a long time but over the next few weeks I hope to blog about the essence of "Hearts and Pens". Friendships,addictions,pornography,life)in general, and alot of stories are what you can expect from these blogs. Feel free to offer any additional topics you wanna talk about. I'd also love to hear your stories.

Till the beginning,

Your friend

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